The 2018 Beijing Air + Style went down this past Saturday at the iconic Bird’s Nest stadium in China. The women kicked the night off, and defending champion Anna Gasser walked away with gold after throwing down a backside double cork 1080 on her first hit, followed up by her signature double underflip on her second–essentially clinching the top spot without needing her third run. On the men’s side, Sven Thorgren who had been out due to a long recovery for a serious shoulder injury came back to competing with a vengeance to snag gold on the last drop of the night. Sven, who had qualified first for finals, fell on his second run and was sitting in third place before putting down a massive frontside triple cork 1440 mute on the last run of the evening to clinch the gold. Congratulations to both Sven and Anna as well as both podiums for their early season success. Continue below to watch all six podium finishing runs.

Sven Thorgren’s Winning 1st Place Run

Takeru Otsuka’s 2nd Place Run

Clemens Millauer’s 3rd Place Run

Anna Gasser’s Winning 1st Place Run

Miyabi Onitsuka’s 2nd Place Run

Laurie Blouin’s 3rd Place Run

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