Surplus – Most Wanted

I don’t like mitts-I only like slim mitts. The women’s Dakine Targa Mitts (men’s Cobra, both $70) and Grenade Dishonorable Discharge ($75) are the best I’ve found. I like the small gauntlets, too. Just make sure your jacket sleeves are long enough (a whole other problem).-A.F.,

Puff Tuff
You know when you’re camping, all snuggled up in your sleeping bag inside the tent, and you need to go outside but it’s too cold to leave the confines of your personal womb? Instead you hop around like you’re competing in your own personal potato-sack race, inevitably falling down and flopping around like a fish. That embarrassment is a thing of the past thanks to the Selk’bag-a full body puffy. This uni-garment is akin to that one-piece zip-up you got for Christmas when you were six-only about 100-times cooler. The Selk’bag sleepwear system is available in three models to keep you cozy from 41 degrees Fahrenheit down to a frigid negative-four degrees.
$ Priceless (TBD)

The Undressers
The IS Design Hastings ($100) are my “driving glasses,” meaning I put ’em on and race to work-looking smooth. If only they came with a pair of driving gloves, too.-C.D.

But Will It Get Me A Date?
The Nixon Delta PU ($200) does it all. The compass tracks your direction while the altimeter tracks your altitude and figures out your average vertical per run and the total vertical ridden in a day-wait, there’s more-your runs and elevation are tracked using a Swiss barometric pressure sensor. In addition, using the integrated slope sensor, you can record your speed while bombing down the mountain, then break it down to view your average speed and maximum speed. At this point you’re going to need to stop off in the lodge and start droppin’ your stats to the hottie behind the counter. It might even get you some action-we’re still waiting to see how it works out for Evan.-TWS Staff

Too Cool For School
The Sessions Corey Duffel sweater comes in fatigue, black magic (shown), and black ($60). Maybe stripes aren’t played after all.-TWS Staff

Perfect With A Flannel
The Scott Logger goggle ($85) is one of eight goggles in Scott’s Limited Edition Alias series, the Logger combines a look that we think is cool with the function you’d expect from the company that sells more goggs than anyone else in the world. The Logger’s frame has a wood-grain graphic, and the strap is a totally appropriate red and black check. Break out some duct tape and one of your older brother’s flannel shirts and pretend you’re the legendary Colorado shred Quinn Sandvold. The Logger is helmet-compatible, too-because tree jibs occasionally strike back.-K.H.