Successful First Trip For Snowdays Foundation

Feb. 10, 2009 – Portland, OR - The local non-profit dedicated to bringing students to the snowy hills had a successful first trip last Saturday. The Snowdays volunteers arrived at Self Enhancement Inc. (SEI), a charter school in North Portland, excited and anxious for the first trip of the season.

The usual morning routine took place on Saturday. All the middle and high school students going on the snowboarding trip were given snow gear to change into and offered healthy snacks to get their bodies ready for the day. This process usually takes the better part of the morning but this time the students were on it and made it out of the big glass double doors in record time at 8:20 a.m.

Ten students piled into the vans and quickly took over ipod control. As the vocals of Mary J. Blige crooned from the speakers, the vans made their way to Timberline lodge. At the lodge the students crammed their feet into rental boots, grabbed their snowboards and filed out the doors into the unseasonably sunny weather. Though it was bright there was a chill of 40 degrees in the air. This was no upset for any of the ten students who made the trip as they got right to business and strapped in.

Seven of the ten SEI students were returning Snowdays participants and three were new to the whole snowboarding gig. The morning was spent going over the basics on the bunny hill as one 6th grader was overheard saying, "snowboarding is way harder than it looks. I need to practice stopping. I'm way out of control." By lunchtime all were in good spirits and chowed down on the feast of bag lunch goodies: PB&J, fruit snacks, juice boxes...

After grubbing down a mini jump session commenced with half the students giving it their all. Some caught air and some caught their edges but all had a blast. By 2:30 the fun wrapped up, the rentals were returned and everyone loaded back into the vans to make the meandering drive back to the city.

Jolene Wilson, a Snowdays vet, commented, “I am so excited about Snowdays this year. We have 7 scheduled trips, our volunteer base is solid and all of our past partners are sticking with us this season. I’m stoked to be part of such a great group of people!”