STYLEWARS — Down Under’s biggest snowboard park and rail set-up near readyfor the annual TTR invitational at Falls Creek Australia.

STYLEWARS presented by Oakley
August 26th — 31st, 2007
Falls Creek Resort, Australia.

Some of the best snowboarders from around the globe are converging on FallsCreek Australia for the third stop on the TTR World Snowboard Tour —STYLEWARS.

The weeklong invitational event that is described more as a weeklong jamsession than a contest is aiming to build the biggest snowboard park everseen in the Southern Hemisphere. Plans are in and looks like the biggest hipin the Southern Hemisphere is going to happen, also a 120 ft (40 meters)straight jump, a line of 4 mid to large jumps in a flowing line and a gapover a quarter pipe transition.

Richard Hegarty the event oganiser says, “It’s an open format that promotesprogression instead of the normal contest runs. This unique way of running acontest also means that the best snowboarder will always win

“We are building a hip that stands 30 foot high (10 metres) so riders canlaunch 30 foot plus airs from the top. (20 meters from the ground), statedSam Poffrey the Stylewars park builder who has been shipped in from the USAespecially for the event.

After a cancellation last year due to lack of snow, Stylewars is back andhoping for big things with the most talented field of professionalsnowboarders ever seen on Australian soil. They riders will be vying forimportant early season points and a $15,000 cash prize purse during the’down under’ leg of the TTR World Tour.

Thirty (30) snowboarders from ten (10) countries have been invited tocompete. Riders like Americans Andy Finch (Tahoe) and Jaakko Ruha (Finland)will join a selected few local pros from Australia and New Zealand includingJacob Koia (NZ), Robbie Walker (AUS) and Ryan Tiene (AUST) to name a few.

“I’m looking forward to hitting some big jumps down here and doing some bigfloating tricks, that’s the best feeling there is in snowboarding. Thebiggest air I have done previously was at Mt Hood (USA) it was 27 feet fromthe top of the hip. If things go wrong at that height you would be hurting.Andy Finch said.

Australian Ryan Tiene (Port Macquarie NSW) a previous winner of the eventwill be one of the top Australian riders to attend. He is fresh from a winat the Rip Curl Pro last week and is looking forward to Stylewars, which isknown Down Under as the “riders event.

“It’s my favourite contest of the year … it’s great for Australiansnowboarding to be riding with the big cats from overseas, I’ll probably tryand poison the water to give me the edge, or take a AK47 with me… haha… it’sa given that we will smash the kiwis in the Bledisnow cup, although JacobKoia (NZ) may need to be taken out with the AK before the Bledisnow Ryansaid, referring to the Australia versus New Zealand component of the event.

The three-day event will also play host to the Volvo night rail jam onWednesday the 22nd. The specially made 32-stair set-up is currently beingbuilt in the Falls Creek village where additional invited ‘rail’ riders willjoin the Stylewars invitees for the $5000 winner takes all ‘event within anevent.’

“The night rail set-up is pretty screwed up, it’s five and a half meters (18feet) high from top to bottom, it’s 13-metres long (40 feet) and includes 32stairs. If you fall the consequences are serious. The aim for this set-upwas to make it a progressive street rail set-up but in a controlledenvironment explained Stylewars event organizer Richard Hegarty.

“Stylewars is a major international event in Australia and we are happy tosupport it…the event is such a mellow three days of competition, really it’sjust a jam session riding around with your mates and then partying at night.The non-contest format gives the riders freedom to cruise around take abreak, then get back on the course and keep going, just what the riderslike. We find in this format the riders enjoy riding together and havingfun. It’s a good family feeling at this event which everyone enjoys.Luke Watson – Oakley Sports Marketing Manager Australasia

Stylewars has a waiting period August 26-31 and will keep the riders andspectators entertained with a weeklong music festival in Falls Creekvillage. Live performances from talented Australian bands and DJ’s will keepthe party going.Featuring: KATALYST, RUCL, HAU (KOOLISM), THE GALVATRONS, GROUND COMPONENTS,AIRBOURNE and BLISS N ESO.

Stylewars presented by OakleySupported by: DC, Red Bull, Volvo, Silverski Lodge, Falls Creek, Motorola


1 Jacob Koia – New Zealand2 Robert Morley Brown – New Zealand3 Nick Brown – New Zealand4 Stephan Zeestraten – New Zealand5 Quentin Robbins – New Zealand6 Will Jackways – New Zealand7 Nick Gregory – Australia8 Ryan Tiene – Australia9 Robbie Walker – Australia10 Mitch Allan – Australia11 Clint Allan – Australia12 Russell Holt – Australia13 Max Cookes – Australia14 Junior WILD CARD – Australia15 Andy Finch – United States16 Dustin Craven — Canada17 Sammy Leubke – United States18 Logan Short – Canada19 Torstein Horgmo – Norway20 Jonas Carlson – Sweden21 Chas Guldemond – United States22 Shayne Pospisil – United States23 Jaakko Ruha – Finland24 Toni-Markus Turunen – Finland25 Rudi Kroll – Austria26 Kimmy Fasani – United States27 Priscilla Levac – Canada28 Marc Andre Tarde – Canada29 Stefan Gasser – Switzerland