STYLEWARS — Three (3) Star TTR World Tour event starts tomorrow in FallsCreek, Australia.

The biggest slopestyle course ever built ‘down-under’ is nearly ready forthe start of the weeklong STYLEWARS event.

Plans for a massive 30-foot high hip and a 120-foot straight jump, amoungother features, is still on schedule. Great weather has allowed the parkcrew at Falls Creek resort to commit five cats to the building over the last5 days.

Riders will have three (3) scheduled “competition days over the next weekbut there are no bibs, no hectic schedules or “comp runs.

Each riding day will involve a three-hour session in the oversize park whereriders get to nominate at any time a judged run. Head Judge Drew Stevenson(TTR World Tour CEO) will be making sure things are kept to the ‘no-format’format!

“It’s a very open format that promotes progression instead of the normalcontest runs. Said Richard Hegarty the event organiser.

A huge posse of riders are making their way from the Australian Open toStylewars including Open halfpipe winner, Andy Finch (USA) and Open Big Airwinner Robbie Walker (AUS).

DC am team is also heading to the event, which includes heavy hittersTorstein Horgmo (NOR) and Chas Guldemond (USA).

The Stylewars event also includes a music festival with line up of live actsfrom some of Australia’s hottest music talent including: KATALYST, RUCL, HAU(KOOLISM), THE GALVATRONS, GROUND COMPONENTS, AIRBOURNE and BLISS N ESO.

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Stylewars presented by Oakley
Supported by: DC, Red Bull, Volvo, Silverski Lodge, Falls Creek, Motorola,Australian and New Zealand Snowboarding Magazine.

August 26th — 31st, 2007
Falls Creek Resort, Australia.

1 Jacob Koia – New Zealand
2 Robert Morley Brown – New Zealand
3 Mitch Brown – New Zealand
4 Stephan Zeestraten – New Zealand
5 Quentin Robbins – New Zealand
6 Will Jackways – New Zealand
7 Nick Gregory – Australia
8 Ryan Tiene – Australia
9 Robbie Walker – Australia
10 Mitch Allan – Australia
11 Clint Allan – Australia
12 Russell Holt – Australia
13 Max Cookes – Australia
14 Nathan Johnstone – Australia
15 Andy Finch – United States
16 Dustin Craven — Canada
17 Sammy Leubke – United States
18 Logan Short – Canada
19 Torstein Horgmo – Norway
20 Jonas Carlson – Sweden
21 Chas Guldemond – United States
22 Shayne Pospisil – United States
23 Jaakko Ruha – Finland
24 Toni-Markus Turunen – Finland
25 Rudi Kroll – Austria
26 Kimmy Fasani – United States
27 Priscilla Levac – Canada
28 Marc Andre Tarde – Canada
29 Stefan Gasser – Switzerland