Perfect blue-sky day and a world-class snowboard park at Falls CreekAustralia for the first day of Stylewars 2007.

The park set up included a perfectly groomed monster step down jump (120foot to the knuckle), a huge spine, a rail line and a three (3) hit mellowkicker line.

Today’s morning two-hour jam session was on the kicker line and ridersnominated their judged runs at will, which allowed for a fun easy session.

The judges had specified at the riders meeting that “it is Stylewars, sostyle is the most important factor in scoring. With this in mind mostshredders were laying down the stylish, solid snowboarding we all love tosee — slow spins boned tricks, steez and some random backflips and doubleshifty’s.

Highlights in the morning triple jump session included Torstein Horgmo (NOR)with an annihilating smooth styled run of switch backside 9, frontside 9,into a switch backside 7 (with Snus in the mouth) but Jacob Koia (NZE)dropped a first place run onto the course with down under style with aswitch backside 7, cab 5 and a backside 3 double shifty.

During the morning session, only one rider had big enough balls to step tothe big kicker, that was Quentin Robbins of New Zealand. Andy Finch was outinjured and heading home after his session yesterday, but that didn’t stop”Q-Diddy. The 34-year old Kiwi living legend launched a huge backside 360first hit going at least 80-100 km/h. The whole mountain went pretty crazyas he stomped it down 150 feet (50 meters) past the take off.

His next hit Q, stepped it up to a back fiver and the worst nightmarematerialised. Quentin knuckled it, heel edge getting violently whipped andejected on the still frozen landing. Incredibly he got up — with only a soreknee AND SNAPPED BOARD. Another of his nine lives now scratched.

Dustin Craven (CAN) then decided he should jump from the big kicker take offto the side of the landing 70 feet away, landing in 2 feet of mogultransition — freaking everyone out.

In the “arvo (afternoon in Aussie Lingo) after the Sausage Sizzle “barbie(BBQ) the riders were released out of the cage and onto the spine.

The left side of the landing was a little bit icy, but the right side wasmint and luckily most riders were regular stance.Stand out hits came from Dustin Craven (CAN) who boosted maybe the largestair – nose to crail double grab and Jaakko Ruha who launched a huge backside9 indy to the end of the hip. Torstein Horgmo (NOR) officially took out theHip session with a monster backside 7 super-styled and smooth.

The scores from both sessions were tallied and joined for the combinedoverall leader board. Two more days of competition are ahead where theoverall winner will be the combination of all sessions.

Top 10 snowboarders after day 1:

1. Jakob Koia (NZE) 70.8
2. Torstein Horgmo (NOR) 69.4
3. Robbie Walker (AUS) 68.6
4. Jaakko Ruha (FIN) 67.9
5. Toni-Markus Turunen (FIN) 65.6
6. Ryan Tiene (AUS) 62.4
7. Wyatt Caldwell (USA) 60.1
8. Roland Morley-Brown (NZE) 55.1
9. Clint Allan (AUS) 55
10. Shayne Pospisil (USA) 53.8

Stylewars also includes the “Bledisnow Cup an age-old battle between NewZealand and Australian snowboarders. The winning team is an accumulativescore from the top five (5) riders from each country at the end of theevent.The winning team takes home a garden gnome.