Day two at Stylewars, Falls Creek Australia had just finished. It had been aheavy hitting day from 10-4 and people had been throwing down all day.Bodies were tired, beers were calling but 5 grand was sitting there waitingat the 28 stairs rail comp.Wet boots were pulled back on, things twisted up and the night rail jam wasset to rock the main bowl of Falls Creek Village.The specially built set up was built on site for the last 5 days andincluded 3 – 13 metre (40 feet) rails. One round down bar, a down-flat-downflat rail and a down-flat-down round bar.

In the one-hour jam session before the to choose the 6 finalists, peoplewere slow to get going, until Jonas Carlson started throwing some gap 270’sdown the middle kink.

Wyatt Caldwell, an amazing all round shredder from the states was gettingcrazy tech with switch combinations through the kink and down rails.

Aussies Ryan Tiene and Robbie Walker were throwing some tech inward 270’sand 180’s down the gap. By this time it was starting to look like a gapcomp. When Robbie front boarded the middle kinker, which wasn’t repeated allnight!

In the Final 6 it was Wyatt Caldwell (USA), Robbie Walker (AUS), TorsteinHorgmo (NOR), Ryan Tiene (AUS), Jonas Carlson (SWE) and Will Jackways (NZE).

The final session was 3 hits each and best trick wins.

Will J set the pace with a “sweet as Front 180’s to switch 50-50 180 out onthe kink round bar — epic. Followed by a backside 180 gap to switch 5050 180out down the flat kink — Bonza!

The rest of the finalists were trying some ham-ers including some switchback 270’s from Rob-dog Walker but most were coming unstuck under thepressure.

In the end Will Jackways walked away with the 5 grand cheque from the”Stylewars Random Bank, Australia. Not too sure if that will be redeemablebut either way it’s a sick big cheque if we ever saw one.

“It’s the highlight of my trip for sure, this converts to about 6 g Kiwidollars. Said Will about his win. “It was great to beat all those cats whoI look up to like Jonas Carlson and Torstein, they’re amazing riders.

Best trick of the night went to non-other than the man of the hour TorsteinHorgmo who locked in a switch backside 50-50 halfcab though the kink to50-50 180 out on the middle bar. Damn that’s a mouthful — snowboarding hasgot to come up with some easier ways to name tricks…

Winners scored a sick Stylewars chain, 9-carrot gold for Will J and SterlingSilver for T-Money.

Everyone then went to party it up at “The Man bar and listen to a wildAustralian rocker band called Airborne — the new AC/DC. Ears and beers weresmashed.