Stop one of Volcom’s PBRJ tour: Mammoth Mountain

Volcom’s PBRJ tour kicked off this past weekend at Mammoth Mountain. Check out this video recap to see what went down! Chances are that it’s going to be coming to a town near you, so get stoked and make it out to one!

15 & Under
1st: Brock Crouch
2nd: Matt Williams
3rd: Levi Kaserhoff
4th: Pat Fava
5th: JP McArdle

16 & Over:
1st: Jed Sky
2nd: George Scott
3rd: Plake Parker
4th: Hugh Marsden
5th: Joss McAlpin

Girl's Open:
1st: Danika Duffy
2nd: Joanna Dzierzawski
3rd: Mariah Dugan
4th: Nirvana Ortanez
5th: Katelyn Jones

Men's Open:
1st: Brandon Davis
2nd: Mike Gray
3nd: Austin Bayless
4th: Brian Pracht
5th: Jared McDaniel

Electric's $50 Gooeyest Move of the Day:
Austin Bayless â†' Switch f/s blunt, gap 270 out over the stairs

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