Stop Global Warming


Lake Tahoe, CA—Top snowboard film company, Absinthe Films, plans to host thirteen movie tour stops for its 2006/2007 film, More, with (SGW), promoting its world-wide Virtual March. More premiered in early September in Southern California, and will tour throughout the country and Europe.   

“The Stop Global Warming Virtual March invites the world to join the movement to stop global warming.The Virtual March urges corporations, government entities, and elected officials to take proactive measures to stop global warming, Lindsay Guetschow, Director of Outreach with SGW Virtual March explains. “We are very happy to be partnering with Absinthe Films to reach out to young people about global warming. Global Warming is the most urgent threat facing us today, she added.   

Winter resorts are locally jumping on board too. Lake Tahoe’s Alpine Meadows Ski Resort and Boreal Mountain Resort have supported the multi-faceted movie tour, donating hundreds of lift tickets to be given away at the Reno, NV stop on October 18 and Sacramento, CA stop on October 20, giving the audience further incentive to attend. “Absinthe Films presents some of the most unique footage in the snowboard industry, and their creativity alone is a reason to want to be a part of their projects.  Their idea to combine the film tour while addressing global warming is something we actively support, said Jody Churich, Alpine Meadows and Boreal Director of Marketing.   

With the attention of snowboarding’s youth demographic, Absinthe brings to the table an opportunity for SGW to talk “grass-roots style with kids, and quite appropriately, winter sports enthusiasts.  “Being in nature so much, we appreciate how delicate a balance is required to maintain environmental stability.  We feel compelled to do something — anything — to make everyone aware of the statistics surrounding global warming, said Justin Hostynek, film maker, avid snowboarder, and owner of Absinthe Films. “Kids look to us for what’s cool and what’s next. Why not use that platform to educate our audience on environmental issues, he added. No stranger to youth culture trends, Absinthe hopes other snowboard film companies will follow suit. “I hope our competitors ride our style and use their voice in a positive way. Most of the pro athletes that will be at each tour stop signing autographs are advocates of SGW as well Hostynek said.  ozens of world class riders, including Travis Rice, Nicolas Müller, Marc Frank Montoya, Gigi Rüf, Mikey Leblanc, and many others appear in More, several of whom plan to make guest appearances at each tour stop to sign autographs and lend support to the Absinthe / Stop Global Warming alliance.     

SGW’s Guetschow continued by explaining the direct and obvious impact global warming will have on skiing and snowboarding. “Climate experts say without action soon, ski (and snowboard) regions could see less snow, reduced snow pack, and shorter, more erratic seasons. For anyone who loves to spend quality time in the unique places that provide conditions to ski and snowboard, it is imperative for them to recognize that global warming will affect winter climate and their 11.5 million fellow snowboarders and skiers. The exciting thing is that we can all be part of the solution. We are not asking people to do everything, but everyone can do something, Guetschow said. Doing small things in your everyday life such as joining the Virtual March, unplugging your unused electronics like iPod and cell phone chargers, to carpooling with friends and recycling at school and home can make a big difference. We have a great list of action items on our site at where young people can go to find other simple tips on what they can do to lower their personal carbon emissions and be part of the solution, she added.  

For a full list of Absinthe Films’ tour stops for More (including Reno, Sacramento, San Francisco, Salt Lake, and MMammoth), visit   For additional information, please call Alpine Meadows and Boreal Mountain Resorts at 530.581.8321.