The 5th stop on the 2009 North American Peanut Butter & Rail Jam tour went down under a blue, sun filled sky on Saturday, January 17th!

Looking through a window, the weather was perfect. If you happen to suffer from nerve damage and can't feel your extremities, the weather was perfect. The point I'm trying to get at is despite all the sun, the temperature was -22 and one's eyeballs would freeze if one opted out of blinking for a few seconds! Apparently I'm a wimp because this didn't appear to be an obstacle for the 100 competitors that ignored the forecast and forged on regardless. A tip of the cap to them!

Luke Mathison and the WV terrain park crew worked hard to put together the best setup we've seen since the PBRJ first appeared at the resort seven years ago. This time around riders were confronted with a down rail, a menacing gapped up-down box and a down-flat-down rail!

The proceedings got underway shortly after 10am with the 15 & Under Division! Garrett Mernick and Dylan Peters jumped out of the gate with intensity usually reserved for the finals. Soon enough Jack Herald, Cody Ellison and Robert Connors answered the challenge and the battle was all-out mayhem! In the blink of an eye we witnessed b/s 180 swtich 50-50s, nollie back tailslides and bunch of smooth front boards! When the snow settled, Garrett Mernick had taken 1st, Jack Herald 2nd, and Dylan Peters 3rd!

The 16 & Over Division riders were up to bat next and wasted no time knocking a few heavies over the fence! Dylan Dragotta, Andrew Aldridge and Sawyer Dean's riding sent a clear message to fellow competitors that more then the status quo would be needed to land atop the podium this day my friends! Switch front boards, back lips, a 50-50 gap b/s 270 boardslide and switch 50-50 f/s 360 out are just a few of the tricks went down with apparent ease! After much number crunching, Sawyer Dean landed in 1st, Andrew Aldridge laid claim to 2nd and Jeremy Montpuisi slid into 3rd!

It was the ladies turn next and they competed like champions! The cold temps continued to make those unprepared pay the price. Halfway through their heat though, a few of the girls had taken off their jackets and were down to sweaters! Those of us who were more stationary couldn't believe it! The girls threw down some seriously respectable tricks and stoked all the guys out! Boardslide, gap front board, switch 50-50, a b/s tailsilde and a lot more went down during the girl's heats. At the end of the day, Laura Rogoski was1st, Mary Rand 2nd and Millie Chapman 3rd!

As usual, the Open Division competitors were last to ride and were expected to leave everyone with a good taste in their mouths. Damn that was delicious! These guys exceeded expectations and made most of us forget about the assorted amputations (that would be a cool band name) we'd need to have as a result of the cold. Though many “radical stunts” went down, the f/s 270 front board to gap f/s 270 switch 50-50 is the one that stands out in my head! Of course that isn't to take anything away from the rest of the riding. Shaun Murphy, Rob Hallowell and the Open crew absolutely destroyed the three PBRJ features! After a little math was applied, Shaun Murphy was in 1st, Rob Hallowell 2nd and the mighty Stu Gingras was in 3rd!

A huge thanks to Deb Moore, Jamie Cobbett, Luke Mathison, Jeremy, Kevin (AKA “Stevens”), Jeff and the rest of the Waterville Valley family for all their hard work! This is seriously one of our favorite PBRJ tour stops and something memorable always seems to go down. Thanks also to Matt Lareau for all his hard work before, during and after the PBRJ. Matt stoked out the top 3 riders in each division with killer custom PBRJ headbands! Thanks once again to B. Duteau for accommodating us back in 2004. Last, but not least, thanks to Electric for supporting with goggles as well as $50 and a pair of shades for their “Gooeyest Move” award!


15 & Under:
1st: Garrett Mernick
2nd: Jakc Herald
3rd: Dylan Peters
4th: Cody Ellison
5th: Robert Connors

16 & Over:

1st: Sawyer Dean
2nd: Andrew Aldridge
3rd: Jeremy Montpuisi
4th: Dylan Dragotta
5th: Mike Hahn

1st: Laura Rogoski
2nd: Mary Rand
3rd: Millie Chapman
4th: Eileen Koontz
5th: Maggie Esbaugh

Open Divison:
1st: Shaun Murphy
2nd: Rob Hallowell
3rd: Stu Gingras
4th: Jeff Sponzo
5th: Tanner McCarty

Electric's “Gooyest Move”:
Sawyer Dean!