Words and Photos: Halley O'Brien

May 22, 2010 ~ Vernon, NJ ~

On Saturday, May 22nd, close to 200 diehard skiers and snowboarders took to the hill one last time for Mountain Creek’s first ever, Stockpile Session. Many of which traded in goggles and gloves for board shorts and tank tops.


The Stockpile Session had a super fun, positive vibe. The sun, snow, terrain park features, and free Red Bull were all it took to put everyone in a great mood.

Stockpile Session Quickie from Mountain Creek on Vimeo.

“I can’t believe there’s this much snow left! I had no idea. It’s awesome that Mountain Creek put this together. I can’t believe I’m snowboarding in May!” said a very enthusiastic snowboarder during his hike back to the top.


The event’s proceeds benefited the Vernon Skatepark Memorial Organization, a public charity committed to developing a public skateboarding facility in Vernon, New Jersey. Many participants generously donated up to $10 a piece. At the end of the day, the event raised nearly $1,000 for the VSMO.

“We’re stoked on the turnout! This is a huge step toward our goal – we just want to give the kids something to shred in the summertime. Mountain Creek has been great and we truly appreciate their support,” Pat Tyler, VSMO Spokesperson.

“Yeah, I donated to the VSMO. I just love to skate – it’d be sick to have a skatepark right in town.” said another excited, relatively sweaty snowboarder.

“It’s all for the kids. That’s why we do this – it’s fun and moreover, it benefits a great cause. We’re glad to help,” said Hugh Reynolds, Event Manager at Mountain Creek.