Bell to support “Jean-Michel Basquiat: The Radiant Child” After Party at the 2010 Sundance Film Festival


January 22, 2010-Vancouver, Canada-Infamous Management is pleased to announce that Stevie Bell, in conjunction with Infamous, will support the after party for director Tamra Davis’ documentary film “Jean-Michel Basquiat: The Radiant Child ,” at the Sundance Film Festival. Music for the film is by J.Ralph and Mike D. of the Beastie Boys, while graphics, design, and animation were contributed by Shepard Fairey and Studio No.1/Obey. The film premiere will be held on January 25, 2010 at the Temple Theatre in Park City, Utah at 3PM (MST). After party and VIP dinner to follow. The After Party is located at Skylodge (201 Heber St. Park City, Utah). Dinner will be held in the old Bakery building below the Skylodge from 8-10PM (MST).

“Basquiat is an important influence for artists all over the world, and an inspiration to young black men like myself. Basquiat played a valuable role in changing the way people perceive art and street culture. He was one of the first people to go from the street to the gallery and to bring that energy into the art world at large. Without him contemporary street artists would not have the mainstream recognition that they do today.” -Stevie Bell

About Stevie:
Stevie Bell is not only know for his talent on a snowboard, but also for his charisma. Whether its an appearance on Fuel TV’s Daily Habit, or a lifestyle clip in one of the Forum team videos Bell captures viewers attention with his outgoing and energetic personality.

Bell first broke on to the snowboard scene with his shared video part in Finga On Da Trigga’s 2005 production. Driven by his pure love for skateboarding and snowboarding, Bell’s riding progressed rapidly. The Utah Native grabbed top pro rider, JP Walker’s attention and was subsequently added to the Forum World Team in 2006. That year Bell proved himself with amazing urban handrail tricks and major strides into the backcountry while riding alongside some of the best pros in the world including, JP Walker and Devun Walsh. Since then Bell has had 3 more solid video parts in Forum team videos including this year’s Forever.

Bell has earned the #6 spot on Transworld’s Exposure Meter (a tabulation of coverage in major snowboard magazines). Recently Bell was also featured in The Source magazine and on the cover of Transworld Snowboarding’s 2010 Photo Issue. He continues to garner masses of coverage in magazines and on film, and strives to take his riding to the next level.

About Infamous:
Infamous Management represents only the best athletes in the action sports industry. Our riders are professional, talented and highly marketable. IMI believes there is a balance between the rider and the company and that by working together they can profit equally from each other. At IMI we want to work with the companies as much as the riders to maximize marketing potential of both the athlete and the company. Roberta Rodger ‘s vast knowledge and experience in the action sports industry helps IMI’s athletes reach their full potential in the market. “I believe that, with us, an athlete can grow, have a successful and lucrative career, and still maintain our ethical guidelines which are: loyalty, respect, trust, integrity and of course true love and dedication to improving their sport and their talents. The Infamous crew is JP Walker, Seth Huot, Chris Haslam, Simon Chamberlain, Stevie Bell, Joe Sexton, Keala Kennelly, Spencer O’Brien, Kyle Mack, Meghann O’Brien, Brooke Voigt, and Leilani Gryde. For updates and profiles on our athletes check out our website: http://www.infamousmanagementinc.com