Stepchild x Nomis = Child Support Week at Camp Of Champions

(Whistler, BC) Summer is in full swing and the StepChild and Nomis riders are continuing to ride as much as possible at Camp of Champions on the Blackcomb Glacier, Whistler BC for Child Support Week sponsored by StepChild and Nomis running June 30th – July 7th.

StepChild and NOMIS riders Simon Chamberlain, Joe Sexton, Mark Sollors, Stian Solberg, Scotty Vine, Chris Wimbles, Eman Anderson, Steve Cartwright, Brian McClatchy, Max Honneger, Derek Dennison and Jed Anderson are all riding camp this week and getting the last shots for the new video – Child Support!

The session has 185 Campers camper’s attending. The team will be on hill everyday riding with the campers, Wednesday afternoon there is a Rail Jam with the CHILD SUPPORT Team Riders, don’t forget to hit the StepChild and NOMIS rails and we’ll catch you at the end of Session BBQ!

We can’t wait to get on the hill Sunday and get our shred on with all the COC Campers and Staff!!

This will be the last week of filming for the Child Support movie! Sean Johnson (Defective Films/Stepchild) and his team of filmer’s will be up in Whistler all week filming and editing getting ready for the movies September 2007 debut! For those that can’t wait until September be sure to visit for video updates.

Look out for the next CHILD SUPPORT UPDATE after TEAM WEEK with plenty of photos and news about what went on. Thanks go to Nomis and Camp Of Champions.