StepChild to Stop Global Warming  

StepChild Snowboards has taken up the cause along with Virgin Billionaire Richard Branson to fight Global Warming. Branson announced today that he would be pledging 3 Billion Dollars to help fight the controversial issue. “While we don’t have 3 Billion Dollars to contribute, we can do our part.” Remarked the Intern Dept. at StepChild. “We have been collecting beer cans and recycling them, each can gets us 5 Cents closer to stopping global warming.”  

StepChild also issued a challange to all snowboard brands to do their part. “Without snow, we can’t snowboard, it’s just that simple.” Remarked StepChild’s Environmental task force leader and head intern. “I mean it would be cool to shred in Quebec without the -30 degree temps but come on.” 

StepChild has long been focused on environmental issues. “While we make our boards with renewable and non-renewable resources, petroleum based products and probably do more damage to the environment just by making the boards we figure we should at least give a little bit back.” Stated the Intern Dept. “Actually we are surprised that the larger snowboard brands and corperations that actually make a profit don’t do more. You would think that the threat of snow melting would be a concern …”