Stepchild Snowboards Update 05/06

The new issue of TWSnow features Norwegian shredder Andreas Wiig front threeing a Tahoe cliff drop. Andreas is not under contract with Stepchild snowboards, he was just riding the boards between sponsorships-he’s just our bro. We are happy to report that he was never able to break one of our boards and that he really did land this (see his amazing part in Derelictica). Andreas is moving forward with starting his own snowboard brand O-matic. We wish him the best of luck and thank him for the huge props.


We are happy to report that Stian Solberg has now signed with Stepchild snowboards -welcome to the team Stian! An early season injury (broken collar bone) has put him out for the past six weeks. He is back in Norway currently eating raw buffalo meat and healing up quite nicely. We expect him back in early January. Stian has a great style and attitude. He fits in very well with the other team riders and we are happy to have him join us.


In other magazine cover news, Stepchild rider Fredu Sirvio has just landed himself on the cover of the Finnish snowboard mag Slammer as well as grabbing a full interview. Looks like our little dirt bag buddy won’t be eating cold potatoes this month. Fredu will be coming to North America this spring for more filming on Defective Films new two year project. He is currently killing the rails in Helsinki and riding his local resort.

Simon Chamberlain has only missed one day of snowboarding since Whistler/Blackcomb opened. Its pretty much a fact that he snowboards more than any other pro. He has recently signed with Vestal watches, Drop Gloves and Big Bear Mountain(see ad pictured) and continues to raid Johnson’s fridge when he’s not home. In Home improvements, Simon recently renovated his bathroom and it looks worse than an outhouse built by a kindergarten class! Stick to snowboarding Simon….

Mike Ranquet is currently living in So Cal of all places. He is currently working for Electric and saving money for tribal tattoos and an F350 monster truck with dirt bikes in the back … just kidding! He continues to skate local pools and refuses to surf. Mike promises us that he will get us more photos this year, hopefully riding without a beer in his hand. We don’t sponsor Mike we enable him….

If you haven’t seen either of these DVDs, check your local shop today! Simon and Fredu are both featured with great shots in Derelictica and Simon has one of the best parts in the New DC Mtn.Lab DVD. What you waiting for, go buy!


Stepchild snowboards is pleased to announce the official launch of their U.S. sales plan. Stepchild U.S.A. will be headed up by sales manager Will Talbott who recently parted ways with Celsius snowboard footwear. Stepchild will be implementing the same strategy it used in Canada to quickly gain status as one of the top brands. “It’s a pretty simple plan, commented Stepchild’s co-founder Sean Johnson. “Be realistic, honest and keep true to what you believe is the right way to run a snowboard brand. Stepchild also plans to continue to stick to its sales strategy of protecting retailers, limiting distribution and growing with the right retailers. “We aren’t going to take the easy road that a lot of brands are taking, remarked Will. “Our goal is grow realistically and maintain relationships with retailers who backed the brand from day 1.Currently representing the Stepchild in the U.S. is: Ryan “RV Vann Dyne, Northern California; Tony Perez, Rockies; Scott Ladwig, Mid West, DHK-Sales’ Dan Kennedy and Clarky in New England and Mid-Atlantic. Stepchild U.S.A. will be handling the South East, Southern Mid West and Southern California in house. Stepchild is also looking to adopt a rep in the North West. “We are hoping the sudden dumpagge of snow in that area will spawn four new clothing brands out of Portland and four new reps. Laughed Will about the recent snow in that area, “we only really need one rep but having four to choose from will increase our odds of success.If you have questions on how to become an authorized Stepchild dealer in the U.S. please contact If you live in region without a rep and are down for the cause, please contact us also.


We at Stepchild are very happy to have been invited to take part in ISPO 2006. Stepchild was given the opportunity to take a stand in the now coveted ‘Rider Owned’ section at the show. In its 3rd consecutive year, ispo is going to present the Rider Owned Brands area to international retailers and media in a special and appropriate area. Former brands include Albin Snowboards, Mission 6, Holden, Grenade, Demon, Rome, and others. “As many of these brands have grown out of the ROB-Area due to their success at ispo show, we are now looking for new Rider Owned Brands that wish to kick-start into the Global specialised boardsports retail and media markets” says David Badalec, Ispo Project Co-ordinator.

For more information on the Ispo Trade show visit and stay tuned for more updates on Stepchild’s presence at the show.


Things are going really well for Stepchild ‘s first season in the UK. Our distributor Lateral Corp just hooked up UK rider Will Hughes with boards. Will is one of the most established names in the UK snowboarding scene and bagged 2 UK magazine covers last season. He’ll be based in Tignes, France for the winter season where he’ll be on the look out for a couple of young up and comers to complete the three person Stepchild UK team. He’ll also be road-tripping with some of the UK mags for some solid Stepchild coverage.

The UK has sold out completely of Simon Chamberlain boards after only a few weeks on the shelves. TSA’ s Jeremy Sladen reports that “Stepchild is doing really well for us. We’ve never experienced sell through like this on any first season brand.”


On a recent trip to Vancouver our Japanese distributor Yosh Miyamoto brought with him some of the extensive Japanese shred press. We were pleased to see Stepchild getting a lot of love over there! Look out for some of the coverage in upcoming newsletters.


Stepchild is entering it’s fourth year of building high quality snowboards, but we are not your typical Build a Snowboard Company Starter Kit. We are a company built by snowboarders for snowboarders, gee does that sound familiar?…Who cut the cheese? Seriously though, we are doing what we do because it is all we know. If it weren’t for snowboarding we’d be working in sandwich shops or at the local car wash. (Not to offend anyone cause my friend Lorenzo works at Smokey’s Car Wash and he is a great guy.) We aren’t the guys that look all styled out in the lift line, check out ourselves in the mirror before we go ride or hit the tanning booths when we get off the hill. We are the dirt bags that roll out of bed in the morning, throw on our stinky snowboard pants with our wet boots, borrow our Mom’s mittens, and accidentally track mud across our sister’s yoga mat on the way out the door. We are the people you see sleeping in cars at the contest, clipping lift tickets, and working our asses off at horrible jobs during the summer months just so we can ride all winter long—Sean Johnson, Stepchild Founder

SNEAK PEAK 06/07A little teaser from some of next years designs.. Also look out for new sizes in the Stepchild line. You’ve been asking for narrower and mid-width boards and we’ve listened. Next season will see the addition of these.

Stepchild Snowboards, bigger hearts than brains! Now what you waiting for? Go Shred!!