Start-ups: O-Matic Snowboards


O-Matic Snowboards
Owners: Todd Richards, Jason Kanes, Andreas Wiig, Tara Dakides, and Evan Kanes.
Words with: Todd Richards
Title at the company: “I’m a fixer.”
Motivation for starting the company: “There were a few of us without board sponsors and sick of working for The Man-going after meager salaries and getting exploited. We wanted to see if our ideas would actually work and to get credit for our ideas and time-basically, it was all about time. Actually, it’s also like buying a house after renting forever-you’re like, ‘Why didn’t I do this twenty years ago?'”
Background before starting this company: “Professional snowboarder-Sims, Morrow, and Rossignol.”
Your role at this company: “It’s pretty much a full smorgasbord of titles: owner, marketing, team manager. I deal a lot with people stuff.”
Pros of owning your own company: “You can do whatever you want, from stupid shirt ideas that actually get made, marketing that gets done, and coming up with the whole ad campaign-I really like the whole direct-input thing.”
Cons of owning your own company: “It’s a shitload of work. It’s hard trying to make a product for everybody, not just yourself. Managing people-making sure everyone’s opinions are taken into consideration. I’m sure there’re going to be way more cons … “
Products for sale: Seven lines of affordable boards for men, women, and li’l shredders ranging in price from $199 to $389. Find a dealer near you on the O-Matic Web site.
Sponsor-me-video success rate: “We’re not even going to throw that out there. We just added Louie Vito-we’ll get an am team together in time, but we need to get our shit together before we start messing up other people’s lives. Actually, we do have JJ Johnson in Breck as an ambassador.”
Teamriders: Andreas Wiig, Louie Vito, Tara Dakides, and Todd Richards.
Web site:

“We have a Moose named Andreas Wiig who handles our product testing and makes sure our boards don’t break.” Photo:

Dakides, who’s really into 50s stuff, came up with the name O-Matic-think Slice-O-Matic, Wash-O-Matic, or more appropriately, Shred-O-Matic. Photo: