Stance continues to unravel the spool of convention with the launch of our Spring 2012 collection. Included in the new Spring line are a number of standout features including a Chris Cole signature collection consisting of three unique styles, the Theotis Beasley signature Gripper Cush and two new artist series socks; The Steven Harrington Three-of-a-kind and the Don Pendleton, both styles are thoughtfully woven utilizing our 200 needle process.

Also new to the Stance line is our Short Stack collection, part of our low sock offering. In addition to our Super Invisible and Lowrider, you’ll now have an option for that middle ground. Part comfort and part cool, short and sweet never tasted so good.

Don’t forget the little guys! How can we strengthen the foot soldiers of tomorrow if we neglect their feet today? Our Ankle Biters Kids line is inspired by childhood and a responsibility to keep little feet happy.

Celebrate bold expression with this free-thinking fabric as it becomes thread poetry in motion. Send a crystal clear mixed message that's silently loud and quietly bold. Designed in California, worn everywhere.

Preview the Spring 2012 line HERE