Stance proudly adds Scotty Wittlake to Punks & Poets crew


SAN CLEMENTE, CA – Stance is proud to announce the newest addition to our Punks & poets crew, a true legend and groundbreaker, Mr. Scotty Wittlake.


To say that Scotty is a mystery is an understatement. He’s the kind of guy that other guys want to be like, and ride like. Riding non-stop all winter after working the fishing trade in Alaska all summer, his vision and example of living off the land and in the most adventurous ways possible, makes those of us sitting at a desk jealous daily. Always a good time, on and off his snowboard, Scotty is a force to be reckoned with and Stance is proud to have him on board. Scotty’s signature sock will be released later this year.


Scotty will be joining the likes of Mikey LeBlanc, Andrew Reynolds, Chris Grenier, Mitch Abshere, Jed Anderson, Don Pendleton, Troy Elmore and Neen Williams, to name only a few, in their representation of The Uncommon Thread.


About Stance

Founded in 2010, STANCE unravels the spool of convention to create an original canvas worthy of the art it is paired with. A commune of creativity, STANCE is dedicated to the spirit of individuality. Celebrate bold expression with free-thinking fabric that becomes thread poetry in motion. Send a crystal clear mixed message that’s silently loud and quietly bold. Designed in San Clemente, worn everywhere. For more info on Stance and it's Punks & Poets, please visit