Squaw Valley Premiere of AESTHETICA

The doors at Olympic Village Lodge at Squaw Valley opened at 7:30 last night and Standard's movie AESTHETICA was set to start at 8:30. Fuel TV, a sponsor, was on hand filming and reporting from the event. The Fuel TV reporters for the night were Tina Dixon and Jim Rippey. Other sponsors for the night were Porters
Lake Tahoe, VAS Entertainment and Squaw Valley USA. As the clock edged towards show time the line to
get in was spreading into the parking lot. Soon a roar of applause erupted from inside Olympic Village Lodge.
Show time!

Once inside it was shoulder to shoulder and there was standing room only to watch AESTHETICA. The way
that the lodge is laid out gave everyone in every corner a view of Standard'snew movie release. Some highlights of AETHETICA was Johan Olofsson's part on Burton's Nofish… he was killing the steep and deeps on this bindingless wonder. Torstein Horgmo part where he had an amazing shot at Homewood Ski resort on the west shore of Lake Tahoe As well as the monster spring jump at Alpine Meadows. Another favorite was Mads Johnsson's part with plenty of fresh powder and steeps. For the rail junkies there was enough urban shredding to feed that need.

When the AESTHETICA drew to a close people started to migrate outside to a cooler and fresher atmosphere
then inside where it was smelly and hot. Many folks left because the 21 and under crowd was not allowed at the after party. To kick off the second half of the night Fortress came out to melt some faces with some good old metal, Fortress was formed in the early 1990's in Lake Tahoe melting guitar solos by legendary Dave Hatchett, head banging guitarist Brian Harrison, bass by Mike Hatchett and insane drums by Rob Jaeger… Lights, Camera, Action. A little Priest, Maiden, UfO, Metallica and some Slayer had everyone head banging, crowd surfing and beer drinking. The crowd was hungry and thirsty for more metal and Fortress gave it to them rocking out the standard
crowd for a solid hour and a half.

For More info about past and future film premiers please visit www.porterstahoe.com.