Squaw To Host Big Money Events

Squaw Valley USA $40,000 is at stake at Squaw Valley USA as the resorthosts The Docker’s Khakis Big Air, and the Red Bull Ultracross all during the Martin Luther King holiday week ofJanuary 14-20, 2000.

The first event is the Docker’s Khakis Big Air Competition on January 14-15.Open to the public, this is an on snow, aerial acrobatic event. Competitorsare judged on the height, distance, style and difficulty of their jumps offa specially designed kicker. Unique to this big air event is its teamformat consisting of one skier and one snowboarder per team. Teams willadvance based on the highest combined scores of their jumps. There is noentry fee and all teams are required to participate in the qualifying roundson Jan. 14th (no inverts permitted during qualifying). Five teams willadvance to the finals on Jan. 15th and the winning team will walk away withthe $10,000 cash purse. Following the high flying action on Saturday the15th, the first 500 spectators will be entertained by a live band andtreated to a complimentary beverage at Bar One, the Plaza Bar or the newSundeck Tavern.

The second event on the calendar is the Red Bull Ultracross on January 16-17,also open to the public. Featuring one skier and one snowboarder per teamthis is a relay format event (teams must register together). As in askiercross or boardercross, four snowboarders start simultaneously and raceon a moto-style course, featuring bank turns, large rollers and table topjumps. As the snowboarders cross the finish line, the electronic timingopens the start gate for that team’s skier. Winners are determined when theskiers cross the finish. The total cash purse for the ultracross is $30,000and the event will be nationally televised on ESPN January 30 from 5:00-5:30pm (EST) and again February 2 on ESPN 2 from 4:30-5:00 pm (EST).