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Spring Powder for the East Coast? This Nor’Easter Could Dump 2 Feet

Don't put away your boards just yet— a potentially historic storm is making its way toward the Northeast and it could produce several feet of pow over the next few days.

Storm Stella, as The Weather Channel has coined it, is currently sprinkling flakes in the midwest and is moving quickly towards the north, where it may dump up to two feet in some places. This storm could be the Hail Mary for resorts in the east coast and it could produce a nice chunk spring pow that that everyone's been waiting for this season.

According to the Weather Channel, "This major nor’easter will take shape as a strong area of low pressure develops off the East Coast late Monday in response to jet stream energy moving through the eastern states.That low may undergo bombogenesis as it moves northward along the coast through Tuesday night, meaning there will be a rapid drop in atmospheric pressure which indicates strengthening."

Currently, there are blizzard warnings in effect for parts of the Northeast including Boston, NYC, and beyond.

Forecasts for these major cities are looking decent:
• Portland, Maine — 12-18 inches
• Boston — 12-18 inches
• Worcester, Mass. — 18-24 inches
• Hartford, Conn. — 12-18 inches
• New York City — 18-24 inches
• Long Island — 12-18 inches
• Philadelphia — 8-12 inches
• Baltimore — 6-12 inches
• Washington, D.C. — 2-6 inches

Potential snow totals from NOAA:

So you’re saying there’s a chance.

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Top photo From the Weather Channel.