Wrightwood, CA – March 22, 2000 – Spring Jam 2000, Mountain High’sannual Spring Break celebration, is set to take place March 25ththrough April 2nd. Filled with crazy events like Pond Skimming and theFrozen T-shirt contest, this wild week is just as much fun forspectators as it is for participants. “Spring Break is my favorite timeof the year,” states J.R. Reinhardt, Mountain Operations Manager. “Thesun is shining, the snow is soft and you never know what you’ll see onthe sundeck.”

All Spring Jam activities are free and open to those witha paid lift ticket. Competition begins at 11:00AM and continuesthroughout the day amidst a sea of Reggae music and tropical leas.

Schedule of Events:

11:00AM Water Luge
Four competitors must ski or snowboard down an ominous obstacle coursefilled with hay bails, race gates, snow walls and much more, all whileholding a full pitcher of water. The first competitor to finish, whodoesn’t exceed the low-water mark, wins the heat and heads back to thetop. The Water Luge is a battle of speed and dexterity in which onlythe strong survive.

12:30PM Big Air Jump
Riders from all over Southern California will be on hand to compete inthis traditional spring event. In Big Air competition, skiers andsnowboarders are judged on their best of two jumps in which height,style and landing are the key factors. This extreme event is just asbig with the spectators as it is with the competitors so get ready to gocrazy at 12:30pm.

1:30PM Spam Carving Contest
Yes, you read right: Spam Carving!! In this lunch-time competition,children of all ages are challenged with creating the most creativecharacter, setting or display out of Spam. Participants may use anumber of pre-chosen condiments provided by the Spam officials to aid intheir construction including olives, nuts and pretzels. Last year’s bigwinner created a Spam Swan but it wasn’t until the end that we learnedhe was a professional chef and ice carver for Marriott Hotels.

2:30PM Frozen T-Shirt Contest
In this chilling event, a group of ten competitors, both men and women,must break open their individually frozen T-shirt and put them on by anymeans possible. In some cases, these T-shirts are completely solidmeaning the hilarious struggle to crack them can take 5, 10, 15 minutesor more with never a dull moment.

3:00PM Pond Skimming
Skiers and snowboarders must gain enough speed to skim across a 50 footpond filled with freezing cold water. This hallmark Spring Jam eventhas withstood the test of time, becoming the most popular activity ofthe week. Competitors will try it time and time again in a single daybecause the shock of the water is nothing compared to thrill of reachingthe other side unscathed. Over 500 spectators have been known to linethe pond in a single session making the victory that much more sweet andthe agony that much more severe.

4:00PM Live music on the www.spinrecords.com Stage
Up to 4 bands will perform each weekend day immediately following thePond Skimming event.