Spring Broke Giveaway #1: Bakoda

We know you’re hurting for cash and new stuff all at the same time, so since we have your back so hard, we’re teamed up with some of the best brands in the biz to get you kitted out with new gear. There is only one catch, you have to party! Send your best spring break photos to springbroketws@gmail.com and the best photo every few days will win a legit spring break prize package.

The first winner will recieve pockets full of new product from the fine folks at Bakoda, here’s the breakdown:

Padded with Wheels (snowboard bag)
Livewire (back pack)
Hi-Pod (ipod case)
McIver Driver (tool)
Turbo Wax (150g)

Send Spring Broke entries to: springbroketws@gmail.com with “Spring Broke” in the subject line.

Click here for photo and video submission instructions.