PARK CITY, UT (June 17) – The U.S. Snowboarding coaching staff just got a new addition as Spencer Tamblyn joins to take on the position of freestyle national development coach, U.S. Snowboarding Program Director Jeremy Forster announced Thursday.

“There is no better coach to continue the development of our halfpipe program than Spencer,” Forster said.

Tamblyn will be taking over for Bud Keene, who is retiring following a successful 2010 Olympic season.

“The choice of Spencer as my replacement was an easy one. He has clearly been the next U.S. coach in line, and though he has not been on the International tour, has been coaching at a world-class level for some time,” Keene said. “His snowboarding history, coupled with his technical and acrobatic coaching abilities make him more than ready to step into this important role, and the Rookies know it, and respect him. It's a perfect plan.”

Tamblyn hails from the Steamboat Springs Winter Sports Club, which he has been interacting with for over 15 years as both an athlete and a coach. Most recently Tamblyn was the head coach for the SSWSC Pro-Am Freestyle Team.

“I cannot even describe how it is moving in working with U.S. Snowboarding,” Tamblyn said. “The organization helped me out with a lot of projects for close to eight years doing different things voluntarily with camps for different groups. It really encouraged me to move towards U.S. Snowboarding after all the years here in Steamboat. All the coaches were encouraging and supportive. It’s great to see it all come together.”

Tamblyn comes to the U.S. Snowboarding rookie program already having spent time coaching Steamboat natives Maddy Schaffrick and Matt Ladley. According to Tamblyn he’s eager to make his athletes consistent.

“Trying to create consistency in their efforts, progressive, and results in their riding is a key focus,” Tamblyn said. “I’ve worked with pretty much everyone in the group to some capacity along the way, some I’ve worked with extensively. But now I get time to spend a lot of time with everyone so I can get a better feel of everyone on the team. That will add to the group energy throughout the season.”

Tamblyn has jumped immediately into his coaching duties, working alongside his predecessor Bud Keene at U.S. Snowboarding’s Project Gold summer camps at Mammoth Mountain, CA. According to Tamblyn it was a great opportunity to learn from Keene and get to know the team.

“The Project Gold and Junior Gold camps were just incredible, Bud loves to cultivate the younger kids and encourage them. He’s all about that because he thrives in it,” Tamblyn said. “We are hoping to pick up off that and improve on that love to coach. We had a chance to do one-on-one interviews with the kids and that allowed us to get to know them off the mountain and know their personalities.”

Tamblyn is moving ahead toward the 2011 season, and is happy to be taking over a program with a legacy.

“I really want to thank Bud for the years of relationship that we’ve had to this point. We’ve worked at so many pipes over the years, I feel very confident taking over for him and continuing his legacy,” Tamblyn said.