In conjunction with Forum Snowboards, Special Blend is proud to present First Chair Last Call, a high-def snowboarding film of patterns, pop, and progression. This video is not only fun and approachable, but full of tricks and surprises as team riders Travis Kennedy, Joni Malmi, and Stevie Bell travel amongst the snowboarding arena. First Chair Last Call also introduces the talents of Nic Sauve and Daniel Ek as they are welcomed to the Special Blend team, in addition to the riding of amateurs Niko Cioffi, Peter Konig and Kareem El Rafie.

The movie will be available, well, sometime between the end of September and the beginning of October.

In the United States, First Chair Last Call will be exclusively distributed in the iTunes store for a download price of $1.99 USD. Otherwise, please visit a local Special Blend retailer for a promotional DVD copy.

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