With great excitement, Spacecraft is stoked to announce the addition of Eric Jackson to it's pro team marking the brand's commitment to supporting top athletes around the world.

Eric is no stranger to the snowboard world or the action sports world with a huge resume of editorial, video parts and tv shows under his brim, Eric will be ringing in the 2016 Season with a solid part in the new Redbull Media House film, The Fourth Phase which will be released this October.

Eric is as known for his Fly Fishing adventures as much as his Snowboarding, and Spacecraft will be showing a side of this part of his life as well as his snowboarding in it's future marketing campaigns.

"In my mind Spacecraft has always been such a Badass company. They stay true to their roots and these days that's hard to find." States Jackson.  "The stars finally aligned for the two of us to join forces and collaborate our personalities to create what I consider a true representation of what inspires me most in life. I truly am honored to be apart of the spacecraft family and hope you enjoy what we got cooking up!" Jackson comments

Eric, along with the Spacecraft design team will be developing a line of signature products, first of which will be released Spring/Summer 2017.  "We are very excited to get Eric on the team as well as get started on his signature line of products" says Brand Director, Chad Perrin.  "Eric has a lot of similar ideas as we had coming to the table, and he is the perfect fit for our brand, we could not asked for a more perfect athlete and personality to represent the Spacecraft brand" states Perrin.

"The 2016-17 season is going to be one of the most exciting seasons for Spacecraft, with the addition of more athletes and influencers to come we will be expanding our product offering and refining our messaging through all of our marketing channels, and the addition of Eric Jackson is just the start, we will be making more major announcements as the year unfolds" states Perrin

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Photo: Tim Zimmerman

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