Do you want to sit around your room all day this summer watching old snowboarding videos and playing video games claiming your bag of tricks?

Or do you want to rip endless powder, build backcountry booters to session, receive the 411 on avalanche danger, ride parks and rails, learn the Spanish language, and gain a new cultural perspective?

Well, if you choose the latter, you have to look into SASS. What is SASS you may ask? Well it stands for South America Snow Sessions, which is about to kick off its monumental second season in Las Lenas, Argentina. To give you an idea of how incredibly awesome Las Lenas truly is, check out these mountain stats. Number of Lifts: 12, Base Elevation: 7,349 feet, Peak Elevation: 11,253 feet, Annual Snowfall: 393 inches, Total Vertical: 3,904 feet. In case you didn’t already know, SASS brings its campers straight to the heart of winter, during the North American summer. This camp in Argentina gives all visitors the opportunity to ride real winter conditions AND gain the cultural experience of a lifetime.

Last season at SASS was highlighted with many cool guest appearances. Alterna Action Films came for two weeks in July with JF Fortin, Matt Beardmore and Travis Williams. In the middle of August Mark Frank Montoya visited us and was actually more stoked about Spanish classes then some of the campers (yeah, we gave him homework!). The Airblaster crew (Travis Parker, Robbie Sell, Sean McKay, Jake Welch, Jed Anderson, etc…) showed up in the end of August just in time to catch some POW and rip the mountain in two pieces. During the super late September session Pat Milbery was on a daily mission to slay everything, while we introduced him to some of the finer aspects of Argentine culture.

This years’ program will feature hits from last summer such as:

– Build Your Own Backcountry Jump
– Ride Lots Of Powder
– Session A Park Filled With Rails And Boxes

New For This Year:

– Learn How To Shred Huge Mountains
– Intro To Avalanche Safety
– In Addition SASS Will Be Hosting An Adult Camp

Apart from the mountain activities, off hill events such as Water Polo, Empanada Eating contests, Ping Pong, Fuse Ball, Spanish Class with Diego and Internet Lounge Time make SASS so jam packed with excitement you might need to bring a friend along to soak it up!

Prices begin at $2600 for a fourteen-day session. That’s $1300 a week and it includes all your food, lodging, lift tickets, travel in Argentina, coaching, video, shirt, activities and Spanish classes. Compare that to the other snowboard camps here in North America where you will just shred spring conditions and there is no comparison.

If you would like to get more info about the Adult Camp or our regular snowboard/ski programs please visit our web site or call us at 203.458.1632. We would be stoked to fill you in on all the goodies that come with this amazing shred experience we have in store for you this summer in Argentina!