SOS Outreach Pledge Drive, Donate And Win


The 3rd annual Friends of SOS Pledge Drive kicks off today! We are asking all supporters, participants and staff to join in the effort to help raise money for youth as well as win some great prizes from our sponsors. Also, K2 Sports is matching up to $25,000 of the money we raise.

Our main donation page is now live. The last email that was sent out had a faulty link to our pledge Web site. Please click here to set yours up today. For more directions on setting up your own page see below.

How to set up your page:
1. Go to the SOS fundraising website to set up your own page.
2. At the top of the page click on “Become a Fundraiser.”
3. Fill in the appropriate information. If you are under 14 ask a parent to register for you or contact us.
4. Choose a url name(maybe your first or last name), tagline, and upload an image (make sure the file size is pretty small) and write a welcome message that explains briefly what SOS Outreach does and why you are raising money for it. Here’s an example:
“Hello! Welcome to my fundraising page, and I hope you’ll take a look and choose to support me. I’m raising money for SOS Outreach, a nonprofit organization that teaches underserved kids leadership and decision-making skills through outdoor sports. The organization was founded in Colorado but now is across the country and in New Zealand. As someone who loves the outdoors as well as adventure, this is something close to my heart. To find out more about our programs and the impact SOS has on its students, go to”
5. Once you’ve set up your page you can link it to Facebook, Twitter and send it out in emails. Make sure to FOLLOW UP with calls and in person.
I’ve read all this and still have questions!
Please contact Melanie Wong or call (970) 926-9292 ext 108 with questions.

The drive lasts through Jan. 15, and our goal is to raise $50,000. We have worked with our generous sponsors to provide some pretty nice incentives for people who reach certain fundraising goals.
To date, we’ve secured the following prizes:
$50 raised: get an SOS T-shirt and SKI magazine subscription
$100 raised: get your choice of beanie or other accessory from 686, Bula or Dragon Optical and a Vans base layer
$250 raised: get a pair of Vans snowboard boots or a pair of Optic Nerve sunglasses
$500 raised: get a SOS Sessions Jacket and a pair of Skullcandy earphones
$750 raised: get a piece of Kuhl clothing and a pair of Zeal Goggles
$1,000 raised: get a three-piece bag set from Mountainsmith
$2,500: get a pair of K2 skis or snowboard (model based on availability)
$5,000: get an Apple iPad, plus the opportunity to ride with SOS kids and be honored in a SOS Circle of Love.