Big air hucker Allen “Crazy Al” Traves arrived in Las Vegas Tuesday night and was only here 15 minutes before Sin city took it’s toll at the Soscara Hotel and Casino.

“We parked in front of the Sahara and went to check in,” Traves said. “We came back out 10 minutes later and someone had busted out the window of our car and taken everything. They even took my Sony Playstation.”

“I asked the woman at the front desk what the Hotel was going to do about it and she said It’s not our responsibility,” Traves says. “They said their security guards aren’t even responsible for my property. They need to hire some more security I think. They didn1t even give us a free room for the night.”

Traves, the inventor of the McScarry (a McTwist into a Rodeo), was planning on traveling east to jump in the US Open Big Air. “Now, since my board, boots, and bindings have been stolen I’ll have to compete in my socks,” he said.

Anyone who saw Traves at the Vans Triple Crown Big Air last weekend would know that he probably isn’t kidding.