www.snomadic.com is a website dedicated to ski bums created by ski bums. We personally are Dave Fernon and Greg Matthews and with a little help from some very smart web site designers have launched www.snomadic.com. A universal place to find your dream job.
Greg and I cut our teeth working on the unforgiving diesel ski lifts on the north side of Mt Buller in 2001. A shared passion for all things snow was ignited and after a couple of Aussie winters and a northern season each on opposite sides of the US, I in Vermont and Greg in Colorado, We went together to Steamboat Springs, Colorado, home of Champagne Powder and Billy Kidd, and worked our way up to Lead Lift Operators running up to 15 ski lifts and their crews daily. All the while coming back to Mt Buller for yet another beautiful southern winter. We’ve now racked up 7 seasons each at Buller and, let’s say an average of, 5 each in American ski resorts. Our combined experience includes terrain park crew,  lift operations, instructing, mountain op’s., ski patrol and grooming as well as a good handful of wonderfully random “in-between seasons” money earners. Then finally it was time to put our idea into practice.
snomadic.com was cooked up over a slice of pizza at lunchtime in Gnarly Charlie’s, and while doing the dishes in staff accommodation, planned on a high speed quad during daily ski breaks and put into effect after digging in the C-box at MBP!

“Wouldn’t it be sweet, greg, if there was a web site where all the ski jobs around the world were listed and anyone could apply?”

“Wow! That’d be pretty cool, Dave. It would certainly beat scouring the internet for hours at a time searching for Ski Resorts then dissecting their sites looking for a job.”

“Sure would Greg. Know what else would be nice? If the same web site allowed one person to apply for multiple jobs at multiple resorts.”

“That would be nice and it could also provided a place where Resort HR could access a database of snomads ready to leave it all behind and travel to the other side of the world in search of their dream ski job.”

“One day, Greg, someone will do something like that….”

Turns out that would be us. snomadic.com is all of the above and we are very excited about it.
snomadic.com is a searchable database for ski job seekers and ski job providers with plenty of search options. With an interactive map, conventional search fields and member email updates there’s really no way you can miss out on making snow at Whistler or instructing at Niseko or driving Kassbohrer’s in Bulgaria!…Did I mention it was free?… It’s free! Jobseekers can register, search, apply for and be headhunted for jobs for free. There is no joining fee, no membership fee’s, no nothing. Just your dream job.