Snowboarding The Official Sport Of Vermont?

Citing historical and economic ties, a group of students with help from their PE teacher and local politicians have been stirring up a bill to make snowboarding Vermont’s official state sport. “After narrowing the opinions down to snowboarding based on its uniqueness, history and importance to Vermont, the students testified in February 2008.” The bill’s been lingering in Legislature and may have to wait another year to pass but, “No state has designated snowboarding alone as its official sport. Colorado has skiing and snowboarding as its state sports.” With Burton Snowboard’s history reaching far back and Suicide Six Resort in Pomfret being the first in the country to allow snowboarding, the state nurtured the sport in its infancy. Not only did Suicide Six open its doors to boarders in 1982, it was the first state to host a snowboard park.

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