Vail, Colo. – The world’s top rail and slopestyle riders will hit the slopes of Vail Mountain in “The Session” Jan. 15 – 18, 2003. Vail’sinaugural professional invitational will feature a handpicked group of thehottest riders in the world going head to head in a Super Slopestylecompetition and a new format progressive rail event. It all happens underthe lights at Vail’s Golden Peak Park.

“We are truly excited to host the world’s top snowboarders, as we roll out a brand new session format that will challenge the athletes and thrill thespectators,” said Ceil Folz, president of the Vail Valley Foundation, whichis organizing the event in partnership with Vail Resorts.

The new format has met with rave reviews; “The great thing about a sessionis it gives the athletes multiple runs and multiple chances to show theirbest stuff,” said Greg Johnson of International Judges Commission, who willbe judging the competition. “This format will raise the quality of theriding exponentially.”

The competitions will include two events:


Friday night’s competition will be a progressive rail session. Bent metal artists will have a chance to showcase their abilities, as threeunique designer rails are located in the Golden Peak arena, challenging eachother for the top spot. Men and women riders have a shot at $10,000 for thefirst place finish on each rail in this Jib Session. “Progressive” takes ona new meaning as the competitors will move rail to rail, strategicallydeciding which rail to session as they compete for the single title prize oneach rail. After the conclusion of the competition a party on the snow willkick-off the nights festivities.

Super Slopestyle.

In this one-of-a-kind evening competition, 30 elitemale and 15 elite female riders will have multiple runs to session thecourse under the lights. Riders will compete for a $20,000 purse to thefirst place male and $15,000 and $10,000 respectively for second and third.Spectators will fill Golden Peak to take in Super Slopestyle, catching allthe action up close and personal and with a live TV feed on a big screenvideo board. Awards will be grabbed by the riders showing the bestcreativity and athleticism. Following the competition, riders will joinspectators for an underground party at Golden Peak. Anheuser-Busch issponsoring the Super Slopestyle competition.

For more information, please contact the Vail Valley Foundation at970.949.1999.