Snowboarding Giants Join DBOT5

DBOT is excited to announce that professional snowboarders JP Walker, Seth Huot, Stevie Bell, Erin Comstock and Gabe Taylor have joined its team, its golf team.

Golf? What the…? Yes, golf. Unbeknownst to most, many of the best riders in snowboarding, like the one's listed above, are golf enthusiasts. And I'm willing to bet that roughly one-in-three of you reading this article golfs, too. If you don't, you should pick it up immediately.

"But isn't golf lame?," you might ask, "…isn't it the antichrist of [insert your favorite board sport here]?" The answer is yes and no.

Yes, because most golfers are either gramps or champs, with styles and personalities as abrasive as brushing your teeth with sandpaper. Yes also because lots of golf course employees are overly intrusive tattletales (think of the last time a citizen – not a security, or police, officer – told you it was illegal to skate there and demanded that you leave). Finally, a golf ball may land on the top of your head, which is very, very lame.

Bryce Hepworth, left, and Yours Truly taking care of business in Park City, UT.

No, because it's hard to master, fun, and even thrilling when you get in "the zone" – feels like having a perfect run, stomping everything. No also because you can do it after your knees and back give out and there is little to no chance of breaking your bones on a golf course. What's more is that lots of respectable riders (see above), your friends, and your family are doing it – so join in – but do it your own way. We can shake up the golf word together. For all you contrarians out there, you should golf, too, simply because it will emotionally disturb those spoiled, elitist golfers who think they are better than you because their dad just bought them a new Audi.

The DBOT5 Hail Mary Clubs and Green Bag

But, remember when you go, to keep a TWS magazine handy, so when you run into JP – swinging DBOT and sipping lemonade – you can get his autograph. For more info on DBOT visit: Bookmark it, make it a favorite so you can check back often. DBOT is moving fast!