Snowboarders Seriously Injured After Falling off Cliff

Two snowboarders plummeted off a 200-foot cliff and were seriously injured after venturing out of bounds into terrain they were unfamiliar outside of Jackson Hole Mountain Resort on Monday. The group found themselves atop a massive cliff, then two riders lost control on an icy section and tumbled down 200-feet of rocky terrain. The injured riders were airlifted to the hospital, while the third rider sustained minor injuries and was taken by toboggan to safety.

"We are pleased to report there were no fatalities with this serious incident," said Jerry Blann, Jackson Hole Mountain Resort's President of this event.

"It prompts us all to remember that backcountry travel can have extreme consequences and it is imperative that you know the terrain, know the conditions and be fully equipped for all eventualities. We wish these skiers a full and speedy recovery," Blann continued.

Jackson Hole News & Guide reported that these snowboarders were not wearing backcountry gear or avalanche safety equipment and were visiting JHMR from Arizona and California.

This unfortunate news comes a week after a group of unprepared skiers went into the Rock Springs backcountry zone outside of JHMR and triggered an avalanche that ultimately claimed two lives.

Both of these incidents are unfortunate and stark reminders to exercise extreme caution before heading out of bounds. It is crucial to be prepared and to be well-equipped to handle the myriad of dangers that exist in the backcountry. Stay safe and smart out there, friends!

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