Snowboarder Line à˜stvold Dies While Riding In Chile


Line was riding during an official practice session for the FIS World Cup Snowboardcross on Tuesday, September 14 when she fell on a technical section of the course and suffered trauma to the head and neck. She was transported by air to the hospital in Santiago, where she remained unconscious until Sunday afternoon. She died at around 11:00 a.m.

Line (pronounced Lee-nah) was the coolest chick ever. Classically Norwegian, she was strong and beautiful—she was also an amazing all-around snowboarder.

Line had skills and raw talent (and World Champion titles in boardercross), but more than anything, she had perspective. No matter how serious the competition, she seemed to be riding for fun, smiling and winning.

“Snowboarding is a lot about friendship,” Line said. “I think it will always be about friendship and enjoying the games of life together.”

A friend to everyone she met, and especially the other pro riders on tour, Line will be missed for her humility, her positive outlook, and her love of life. She was just 26 years old.