Snowboarder Falls 50 Feet into a Massive Crevasse in Chamonix

This past winter while snowboarding in Chamonix, France, Brandon Kampschurr fell into a massive crevasse, and documented the harrowing experience in the edit above.  Despite facing gnarly circumstances, Kampschurr was quite calm and collected as he assessed the situation and waited to be rescued.

“So I was snowboarding and fell into a huge F******* crevasse,” Kampschurr said during the harrowing ordeal.

Despite falling more than 50 feet, Kempschurr was unscathed, and rescued promptly by the guides he was riding with.


Photo: Brandon Kampschurr

“I definitely want to reiterate how gnarly and perilous of a situation I just got myself into, and I’m so lucky I’m with a guide,” Kempschurr said as he awaited rescue.

Though the incident happened back in February, we’re posting this video just days after a French skier fell into a similar circumstance on Strahlhorn in the Swiss Alps. He was a bit more frantic about things, but was also pulled to safety rather quickly. Both of these incidents are good reminders to brush up on glacier and crevasse safety, especially as the summer shred season draws near. We’re stuck in the office and nowhere near a glacier, so check out Kempschurr’s insightful guide on what to do in this circumstance here.

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Photo: Brandon Kampschurr

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