Snowboarder Dies After Fall in Utah

OGDEN, Utah (AP) _ A 23-year-old snowboarder died early Saturday from head injuries he suffered after falling almost 200 feet off a cliff and into rocks near Snowbasin Ski Resort.

Banning Doak, 23, was alone Friday afternoon when he attempted to go down a chute near Mt. Allen, north of Snowbasin’s new upper tram terminal. “The snow field he was on just ended,” said Kent Matthews, Snowbasin’s mountain manager. “He had nowhere to go, so down he went, over the rocks.”

Doak had hiked out of bounds, Matthews said. Carson Young of Eden, a witness, said it appeared the snowboarder was looking for a chute and fell.

“He must have lost his balance. He just came tumbling down in no control, like a rag doll bouncing off the rocks,” Young said.