Some people think that pro snowboarders are not real people, but engineered life forms programmed to perform certain actions. Well, some of them are, but others are real people with real stories to tell. Snowblahg is Jacqui Berg, Nate Bozung, Mike Casanova, Leanne Pelosi, Matty Ryan, Robbie Sell, and Alexis Waite. They’ll be telling it like it is. All the words, photos, and videos come directly from them, and come daily. It’s like taking a peak at their personal diaries and discovering their deepest, darkest secrets. You’ll feel like you know them so well that the next time you see one of them, you’ll want to give them a hug. And please do — the next time you see Robbie, give him a hug (he just wants to be loved). This website has been proven to improve relationships more than In your face, Dr. Phil!