Snowbird Offers Steeps, Pipe Camps

SNOWBIRD, UTAH ¿ More than 10 professional snowboarders and skiers will take part in this year’s snowboarding and skiing camps at Snowbird.

An annual event at the Little Cottonwood Canyon Resort, Snowbird’s camps target individuals looking to gain experience and confidence in the resort’s legendary steep terrain, the halfpipe or women skiing and learning together in the for-women, by-women camps.

Each of the camps is a three- or four-day combination of on-hill coaching, video analysis, perspective, tips and insights from professionals, product demos, a welcome reception and more.

In addition to Snowbird’s staff of qualified instructors who make these exciting camps safe, challenging and fun, pro riders including the Lienes brothers and Shawn Lake headline the professional riders who will share their knowledge gained from years of professional snowboarding.

Snowboard Steeps Camps
January 16-20
March 13-17

Much like the Skiing Steeps Camp, the Snowbird Snowboard Camp is four days of intensive on-mountain coaching from the resort’s top American Association of Snowbird Instructors as well as professionals who make their living riding a snowboard. The 2002 Snowboard Camps will include video analysis, product demos, instruction in use of a climbing harness, rappelling and belaying, a welcome reception and awards dinner.

A constant danger when riding in the backcountry, the Snowboard Camp emphasizes the importance of avalanche awareness, detection and rescue.

Halfpipe Camp
March 29-31

Snowbird provides the pipe and professionals to help you progress from a pipe rookie to comfortable busting out “above the lip.”

For three days in late March when the sun is bright and the snow is deep, Snowbird’s top riders break down pipe riding to the basics and build upward. This camp is appropriate for intermediate level riders and above and includes exploring the mountain and its many terrain features.

Some of the country’s top snowboarders who make their home in Salt Lake City will be on hand to share their expertise and insight.

The Snowbird Halfpipe Camp also includes an opening reception, awards dinner and prize drawing.

Women’s Snowboard Camp
February 27-March 2

Snowbird offers the Women’s Snowboard Camp to female snowboarders who want to improve in a non-threatening environment. Targeted to women of intermediate skill or higher, this three-day camp builds confidence in any terrain and offers the tools to continue to improve. Taught by Snowbird’s female snowboard instructors, this camp is a great way to improve skills in a fun atmosphere and includes on-hill coaching, video analysis, a welcome reception, product demos, fitness tips and an awards presentation. More information on Snowbird’s Women’s Snowboard Camps is available at

Skiing Steeps Camps
January 16-20
March 13-17

The Steeps Skiing Camp is designed for intermediate through expert skiers interested in expanding their experience and comfort level on steep terrain. The four-day camps will take you from groomed intermediate slopes to the steepest terrain Snowbird has to offer.

Students enrolled in Snowbird’s Steeps Camps will also be trained in basic backcountry avalanche skills, transceiver and harness usage, and rappelling.

Coached by PSIA-certified instructors alongside professional skiers, students will gain extensive knowledge and experience in steep backcountry techniques.

Women’s Ski Camp
January 20-24
March 3-7

For women, by women, Snowbird’s Ski Camps are extremely popular thanks in no small part to the dedicated staff of female instructors. This group of Professional Ski Instructors of America-certified women, led by supervisor Nona Weatherby, provides instruction and motivation in a non-competitive setting that fosters learning and fun. Each session of the four-day camp includes at least six hours of on-hill coaaching and skiing, video analysis, breakfast, fitness tips, product demos as well as a welcome reception and awards dinner. This year’s camps are scheduled to feature world-renowned professional skiers Kristen Ulmer, Linda Peterson and Charlotte Moats, who will share their approaches to skiing.

For more information on any of Snowbird’s camps, contact the Mountain School at (801) 933-2170 or go to or