Snow Riders Unite: Party and Photo Contest in Salt Lake City November 4

The Manhattan in downtown Salt Lake will be hosting a party and photo contest on November 4, 2004. The concept is simple; provide a venue for various snowboard and ski crews to get together in a vibe-free setting and have a killer party.

Among others, Babylon Down Entertainment, Burton Snowboards, TechNine, Smith, Red Bull, SLUG magazine, and Park City, are behind the event and will be providing great prizes.

Borge Andersen is the photo sponsor for the event, kicking down $1000, among other prizes for the first place photo. Ten photos in total will be displayed anonymously and a winner will be chosen by a guest snow pro TBA. Snowboard and ski photogs submit slides by October 22 to Borge Andersen, 234 South 200 East Salt Lake City, UT 84111. Contact Borge Andersen at (801) 359-7703 or check out

Feel free to contact Tara Hendrick at (801) 638-4319 or with any questions.