Snow Report: Valle Nevado, Chile

Valle Nevado is just an hour outside of Santiago, depending on how many wrong turns you make on your way through the city. Tip: Take Kennedy Avenue to Las Condes.

It’s getting late in the season here in Chile. These shots were taken on Tuesday, September 12, 2006. Valle Nevado plans to stay open until October 10. There’s a park and South America’s only pipe, but grooming isn’t regular. The pipe will probably get its last cut for this holiday weekend that ends on the 18.

Valle has a good local scene and it’s a small resort (three hotels), so you’ll know everybody after just a couple of days. If you’ve got the money to heli, it’s your best bet for getting good snow and some fall-line riding. If you can’t swing the heli, go for road runs. You can plan to have someone pick you up or you can usually hitch back the resort pretty easily.

The hotel Valle Nevado is the nicest of the three resort hotels. I stay in the more affordable Tres Puntas. It’s 100 dollars per night per person. That includes a lift ticket, breakfast, and dinner. I also like to stay at hotel Puerta del Sol. It’s a bit more expensive, though.

We had a lot of fog earlier in the week, but on Tuesday, the sky cleared and the snow was more consistent. Slushy, but less variable than the days before.

Before coming, get ready to eat like a king and hang out with Brazilian girls.