Snow Park New Zealand Closed To The Public For Good

night-shot-snow park new zealand snowboarding

Snow Park at night.

In the midst of the beginning of an epic season down under some less exciting news broke this week, Snow Park New Zealand is officially closing it’s gates to the public, for good. The first facility of it’s kind, dedicated specifically to freestyle training, Snow Park was opened in 2002 by Sam Lee and his family, but sold early this month to Southern Hemisphere Proving Grounds, a vehicle testing company.

"We won't open to the public next winter," its managing director Tom Elworthy says.

"I think that's it – we'll be closed permanently to the public now." Quotes from Mountain Scene.

The area is now going to be used as a Ice Driving facility for car manufacturers, dealers and incentive groups. Elworthy goes on to explain that there will no longer be any freestyle terrain built, though in the future the area may cater to ski and snowboard race teams. It’s a sad day for snowboarders, as we check one more awesome spot off our ‘must ride’ list.

Iouri Podladschikov miles holden

Iouri Podladschikov sending it. PHOTO: Miles.Holden

Snow Park was featured in Brain Farm’s legendary That’s it That’s All, with an entire part from Scotty Lago and Travis Rice, as well as DC’s Mtn. Lab 1.5 with Ken Block in his Subaru and the DC Snow team rallying the Snow Park jump line together.

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