Snow Park Launches Building Bonanza

A visit to the Snow Park NZ workshop late last week uncovered what’s been going on in there all summer… massive rebuilding, repairing and the creation a whole arsenal of new boxes and rails for the ’08 season.  All the work is in preparation for the upcoming winter when Snow Park NZ will be opening up over 14,000 m/sq of previously unused hill space as well as introducing ‘Event Specific’ rails and boxes.

Included in the new terrain is a slopestyle lane to the east of the existing box run filled with skillfully crafted intermediate jumps and jibs.  In addition to these new intermediate features, close to 4,000 m/sq of terrain has been opened up for the redevelopment of Half Pint Park, which will be shifting to the eastside of the resort this year.  Look out for an overwhelming amount of features purposely built for first time and beginner park riders.

Not for beginners however, is the introduction of ‘Event Specific’ features.  Painted bright yellow, these rails and boxes are set aside specially for events. The biggest impact to you the rider will be that none of your favorite jibs will get pulled out for the big competitions. The other upside will be that competition courses will stay up for longer and give you a chance to play on the comp courses.

Some other big surprises in store for 2008 include new permanent features and the return of an old favourite.  Plus, Snow Park NZ lights up with night riding!
Opening day is set for June 13th, 2008!  Keep checking these updates for more information.