Sneak Peek Of The September 2014 Issue

The KBR crew traveled to new areas of Europe that had never been filmed before. Teo Konttinen. PHOTO: Ville Lahtinen
The breakdown on what took Bryan Iguchi from videos in the early '90s, to virtually disappearing, to his reemergence in the past few years. PHOTO: Jon Foster
Danny Davis is hard at work on his Signature Video Project. PHOTO: Chris Wellhausen
Forrest Shearer talks global weirding and leading an examined life for Shred Lightly. PHOTO: Andrew Miller
Brothers Factory movie Los Bum promises to feature large set ups in their first 100% street video. Jeremy Cloutier. PHOTO: Ben Birk
This is what the k2 Maysis boot looked like before we ripped it apart to show you all of its hidden tech. Check out the magazine to get the full breakdown in our new column Deconstructed. PHOTO: Mike Basher
Do you need a new pack for avalanches, sidecountry, or the streets. Grab the new issue to get the low down on whats good. PHOTO: Mike Basher
An in depth look at the pros, cons, and sudden growth in the Signature Video Project featuring interviews with Pat Moore, Jake Blauvelt, Sage Kotsenburg, Nicolas Müller, and more.
Wolle Nyvelt has been building some of the best powder surfers in the world so we went to check out his factory for our Crafted column. PHOTO: Scott Sullivan
An in-depth look at the biggest movies of the fall featuring Absinthe, Burton, Celtek, Sexual Snowboarding, Pirate Crew, Brothers Factory, Bald E-Gal, KBR, Capita, and Shred Bots. Bode Merrill PHOTO: Darcy Bacha / Heavy Mental
A look back at Jeremy Jones' history as a snowboarder, how his path brought him to make his last two movies, and what the new movie Higher is all about.
Johnny O'Conner killed it in his Keep The Change video part last year and his Capita video part promises to be just as good. Hence the reason we gave him a check out. PHOTO: Darcy Bacha
Mike Basich explains the ins and outs of his newest creation for a new column called Adventuremobiles.
An interview with John Buffery (a avalanche guru) about riding in avalanche areas for the Safety Meeting column.
A quick breakdown of the Manboys and what they are all about. Rusty Ockenden. PHOTO: Jussi Grznar
Bald E-Gal survived the negative temps of the mid west to bring you another action packed movie. Shane Ruprecht. PHOTO: Ryan Taylor
Gigi Ruf landed the cover of our September issue by hitting the one of the biggest natural quarter pipes ever. PHOTO: Maxim Balakhovskii

The September 2014 issue of TransWorld SNOWboarding is out now and packed full of information, photos, gear reviews, and other goodies you don’t want to miss out on.


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Rider Of The Year, Gigi Rüf, busts a method on one of the biggest quarter pipes ever ridden, and lands the cover of our September issue.

Photographed by Maxim Balakhovskii in Greenland filming for the Pirate Crew's new movie Perceptions.


-Rise Of The Signature Video Project
How A Few Pros Are Moving Beyond Traditional Movies And Full Parts

-View From The Top
Jeremy Jones Finishes Six Years Of Foot Powered Lines With His New Film, Higher

-2014 Video Preview
Inside The Top Flicks From Around The World



It Took 14 Years For Someone To Land A 1080 On 1080 Gap

-Shred Lightly
Forrest Shearer Talks Global Weirding

-Angry Interns
A Season Pass To Tap That Ass: Tinder Drones



This switch method by Danny Davis is better then most riders regular method. PHOTO: Chris Wellhausen



Asmo Powder Surfers

K2 Maysis Boot

-Board Of The Month
Salomon Derby

Avalanche, Sidecountry, And Street Packs

-Pro Form
Eric Jackson


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TWSNOW Riders’ Poll Legend Award Recipient Bryan Iguchi

-Check Out
Johnny O’Connor

Adidas Welcome Series Director Pierre Minhondo

Mike Basich Takes Area 241 Mobile


All of the video production compaies steeped up their game this year. Check the mag to get the full scope. Jeremy Cloutier. PHOTO: Ben Birk


How To

-20 Tricks
Frontside 540s With Dan Brisse

-Safety Meeting
Three Terrain Stages For Riding In Avalanche Areas


All kinds of gear you need when riding in Avalanche terrain. PHOTO: Nick Diamond



Meet The Manboys

Two amazing photos with interesting short stories

Get the low down on whats happing this month online

-One For The Road
Shrediquette With Blair Habenicht

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