SMP Changes Staff, Moves Offices.

Chula Vista, California, April 7, 1999ÐThe Australian Licensee of SMP recently purchased the worldwide assets of SMP Clothing Inc. from Ride Sports and has since then started its restructuring program. After successfully building the brand in Australia, Eugene King, president of SMP International has announced that SMP USA Inc. will be relocating its operations to Santa Ana, California.

“We wanted to be closer to the pulse of the market and also to have access for better resources in order to grow our brand,” said King. The new administration has already been active in restructuring the SMP house.

SMP has also brought on Brad Kingsley as the national sales manager and Vipe Desai as the marketing director. “This brand has tremendous potential and the current restructuring process is going to be an important step for positioning SMP in specialty stores across the US,” said Kingsley.

The move and the new additions to the SMP management team are setting the brand up to be well placed within the alternative sports market.

“I am stoked to be a part of this emerging brand,” said Desai, “SMP is positioned very well in so many of the sports that are directing the future of clothing and youth culture and I want SMP to continue focusing its efforts within this powerful market.”

The new offices are scheduled to be operating around April 15 and the company is already in phase one for the move to Santa Ana which is set to be completed by mid June. A new owner, new administration and new energy will make way for an exciting year for SMP USA Inc.

SMP USA INC. offers innovative and quality clothing designed to meet the needs of the alternative sports market. Primary focus of the apparel is based on those consumers aged 12 and up that participate in alternative sports. The company sponsors top athletes in Surfing, Skateboarding, Snowboarding, Motocross, BMX and Wakeboarding. SMP also owns SHY, a junior women’s division that caters to the twelve- to 22-year-old consumer. SMP currently offers active-casual clothing, accessories, performance motocross gear and snowboard outerwear worldwide.