Smokin Drops D.I.R.T. Rocker and Limited Team Graphics

Lake Tahoe, CA: Smokin Snowboards is proud to announce the release of D.I.R.T. Rocker and our
limited team boards for the 09-10 season. Our Dual Inverted Radius Technology created this summer
and recently approved by our research and development team is the perfect addition to our line of
Magne-Traction snowboards. Contrary to conventional snowboards, our D.I.R.T. Rocker consists of a
flat section between the bindings and then a gradual reverse camber from binding to tip and tail. Along
with the D.I.R.T. Rocker and the already proven Magne-Traction, our snowboards continue to get
technologically better in our 13th year of operation. Look for D.I.R.T. Rockers in a shop near you and
make sure your local shop comes and visits us at SIA.

We would also like to take this opportunity to give a sneak peek to next years limited team graphics for
2009-2010. Our Creative Director, Joe Fontaine has been slaving hard on the computer to come up
with some wild concepts for next season. By special request only, the 80’s inspired Neon and the
Smokin Rasta Life will be available in all shapes and sizes including the M.I.P. shovel nose/tail, the
award winning Superpark ,as well as the new Super Blunt Big Wig which we will unveil in Las Vegas
at SIA. The Obama Smokin Is Progress will only be available in the M.I.P. shovel nose/tail and only by
special request from selected retailers. All with or without Magne-Traction and/ or D.I.R.T. Rocker.

The Smokin Snowboards team has expanded this year with the addition of some sick riders from Lake
Tahoe, Minnesota, and the East Coast to make us a well balanced squad of shredders. The team
consists of  and we would like to
welcome Andy Johnson, Colby Marble, Asa Martinez, Zach Duby, Rick Jennings, and Taylor Bacci.
Look for the Smokin Team Riders in "Smokin Mirrors" dropping fall 09 amongst many other upcoming