S.F.B.F Productions in association with Grenade Gloves will be holding the World Premier of the 16mm Shredumentary SMELL THE GLOVE in downtown San Diego on the date of Saturday September the10th during the week of the ASR tradeshow. The event will be held at 4th & B located at 345 B street San Diego, Ca 92101. This is a 21 and up venue so if you’re a minor now would be the time to get a fake ID. Doors open at 9:00 p.m. and the place will fill up quick don’t waste your time powdering your nose at home, the bathroom stalls will provide all the space you need. On this night as well Grenade and Retard Riot will be starting the first leg of the ” Smell The Tour” and the release of Retard Riot’s debut album “We Are Retard Riot”. I had the chance of having a lakeside chat with Danny about the tour here is what he had to say.

Dr. Bartowsky: So what’s up with the Tour.

Danny Kass: You mean Smell the Tour? It’s all starting September 10th.

Dr. B: There’s a lot of America to cover, where you guys headed?

DK: We’re going all over from Portland and Eugene (Oregon), to Seattle, Minneapolis, Chicago, Ohio, New Jersey, New York, Mass, Burlington, (Vermont) and Maine. There will even be some surprise visits in a town near you.

Dr. B: Wow, that sounds like a hefty trip. Whom can we expect to see on the short bus?

DK: The tour will be packed chalk full of Grenade antics including Sketchy-D, Kyle Clancy, Retard Riot and professional RV Driver Daniel Scott Kass; you should expect us all to be in rare form.

Dr. B: What’s in it for the kiddies?

DK: There’s going to be tons of giveaways, live music and great snowboarding.

Dr. B: Say I wanted to find out about what’s happening or a certain date to attend, where can I find that?

DK: If you want updates check on www.Grendadegloves.comor your favorite online shred mag.