Slytech welcomes DCP to the family

SLYTECH has announced the signing of David Carrier Porcheron – DCP. They’re hyped, and apparently, so is he…

“Stoked to be on the team and be protected by Slytech, now, Rocks, WATCH THE F- OUT!"  – DCP

Originally part of the Burton team for 14 years, DCP, like Romain de Marchi's wild antics were too wild for Burton and together, along with JP Solberg started YESnowboards and is a star in Absinthe movies and YES It's a Movie (the former which Slytech has sponsored and the latter we are sponsoring this year). And like RDM and JPS before, he now joins the talented Slytech stable of riders that includes Wolle Nyvelt, Marco Feichtner, Mat Schaer, Yale Cousino and Antti-Juhani Piirainen.

DCP was born in Quebec and now calls Squamish, BC his home. He's a proud father and is married to professional snowboarder Megan Pischke.

With so much to live for and such an addiction to perilous extreme snowboarding, pressure from his teammates to get on the protection program mounted. It took a while longer for him to strap one on, but the time eventually came for DCP. With more and more of the must extreme pros wearing back protection, it's only a matter of time before the everyday rider sees it as a requirement as well.