Slide Project Acquires New Softgoods Supplier

The Slide Project, a multimedia production company and producers of Slider Video Magazine, have announced that after going through anextensive search process it has acquired a new soft goods supplier.

“We were very concerned about the quality of these products and the issue was one that was very close to all of us.” said Chief Purchaser Andrius Simutis.

The Slide Project has now invested heavily in the changeover and is pleased to announce that Charmin will now be the exclusive toiletpaper supplier to the Slide Project for all of it’s offices both in the United States and overseas.

“We’re very excited both in the quality andsoftness of these new products, and the labor savings in using Charmin’s “double roll” technology will help us greatly in continuingour increased profitability.” said Zack Boger Director of All Things Fluffy.