Skullcandy Hollywood Launch Party Recap

Skullcandy took Hollywood by storm this past Thursday, welcoming the SKDY team, Key retail accounts, music industry greats and celebrities to My House in LA for the launch of the all-new Mix Master signature DJ headphone. Inspired by and designed with input from the legendary DJ Mix Master Mike of Beastie Boys fame, the Mix Master is the first professional-DJ-collaboration product by Skullcandy, and the Hollywood-based launch party was the first of its kind for the brand.

Some of your favorite SKULLCANDY athletes rolled to Hollywood to support MMM and they rolled deep, with the likes of Danny Kass, PLG, Corey Duffel, Wil Hahn, Mike Mason, Jeff King, Nick Wey, Hucker, and legends Christian Hosoi and Fuzzy Hall. Joining them were A-list celebrities David Arquette, Kevin Connelly, Jamie King and Tommy Lee, who rocked out to performances by Grand Wizard Theodore, DJ Muggs, Jazzy J, Apollo, Shortkut, Rahzel, Street Drum Corps and an insane set by guest of honor DJ Mix Master Mike.

Skullcandy also welcomed great partners including Keith Hufnagel of Huf as well as Neil Whiting of turntable labs, Chris Keefe of Dave’s Quality Meats, David Auerbach of Digital Fix, and Alex Dymond of Supreme.

The Mix Masters will be sold through select retailers, as well as here at